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When You See Her Face, It’s Beautiful! When You See Her Full Pic, You’ll Be In Tears


When You See Her Face, It’s Beautiful! When You See Her Full Pic, You’ll Be In Tears

Life is not at all easy for us, isn’t it? Everyone has his/her own problems and for some, finding the right solution seems to be way too difficult. However it is rightly said that whatever happens, happens for good! Do you agree with this saying?

For many people, life is no less than hell; they have to experience a lot of pain and every moment gives them that “I want to die” feeling. Not all lose hopes; some are very courageous enough and fight hard to live a normal life by overcoming all difficulties. Such people prove to be a big INSPIRATION for others and they give a new meaning to life.

Steph Aiello is one among such people; at the first glance, you will say how beautiful she is but when you read her story, you’ll be in tears. She is beautiful and brave, but unfortunately, her limbs don’t function anymore. Yes, she is paralyzed from below the waist. What happened was that she was driving from Las Vegas to California and in between, she fell asleep due to which there was a violent car crash. All this happened while she was just 20; she was left quadriplegic i.e.paralyzed in both legs and hands.

Steph would always dream of becoming a cosmetologist, but due to such a crash, everything was shattered. Troubles weren’t over; once again she was involved in a road accident, wherein the drunk driver rammed into her vehicle. Even her parents were left injured. Aiello lost hope and it was kind of an END for her.

Steph was so depressed that she had to be sent to the rehab center for a year; she was wheelchair stricken which made her very helpless. Her occupational therapist tried all ways of cheering her up and also handed some makeup brushes; he inspired her to use them.

She still had some movement left in her hands, with which brushes could be used successfully. She opened cans with her mouth and this entire process of opening cans went successful. Now, she has mastered the art of brushes very well.

This process was therapeutic as well, because she could move her fingers and wrists due to it. Currently, Steph is a licensed makeup artist and works wonders; check out some pictures of hers…

She’s so pretty!


Professional makeup artist!

OMG! What eyes…

Can give tough competition to an actress!

Mastered the art so well!

Watch the video to see how she has mastered the makeup art so well; you won’t believe your eyes!

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So guys, how did you find the video? This definitely gives us some hope, isn’t it? Do share your views in our comments section below.

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