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Shah Rukh Khan Predicted About Social Media Creating Stars In 2013, Old Video Goes Viral

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Shah Rukh Khan Predicted About Social Media Creating Stars In 2013, Old Video Goes Viral

Shah Rukh Khan, the Bollywood superstar, is one of the most popular actors of all times and has been ruling the film industry for a long time now. The actor who certainly enjoys a huge fan following all across the globe also comes across as a very intelligent person with a great vision.

There is no denying the fact that social media has changed our lives to a great extent and just like every other thing, it also has both positive and negative aspects. Earlier it was considered merely as a tool to communicate with our loved ones but in the present times, it has become a platform which offers not only entertainment but also opportunities to become rich and famous.

Presently an old video of SRK dating back to 2013 is going viral in which the “Raees” star is seen talking about the changes that social media will bring and how it will make people star. In the video, the king of romance is heard saying that the world is changing and many stars will be created because of the mediums such as social media and television. He also makes it clear that not only movie or TV actors but people from other walks of life will become stars too and here we must admit that he has had a great vision as what he predicted has proved to be true in the present times.

However, Shah Rukh Khan also talks about the side-effects of becoming a star, he says that it is really very difficult to be a star because then two things take place – first, a person can’t surprise every time and secondly, the fear of failure will always stay in the head of the star. He adds that if someone says something good, the person will have to smile and look positive but even if someone says something bad, then also he can’t say anything and has to bear with it. SRK concludes by saying that he hopes everyone becomes a star and enjoys stardom (both positive and negative impacts).

First of all, watch the video if you haven’t watched it so far:

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Shah Rukh Khan’s fans soon started sharing the video by calling him a real visionary who predicted that social media would create stars. Check out some of the selected reactions:












Well said, SRK!

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