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After Sidharth, John Abraham Posted Mean Tweet For Film Promotion! Got Trolled & Deleted It!

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After Sidharth, John Abraham Posted Mean Tweet For Film Promotion! Got Trolled & Deleted It!

Nowadays, social media is the best platform for movie promotion and many stars resort to it in order to get maximum attention. Looks as if press conferences and appearances on reality shows isn’t enough, which is why many use Twitter and Facebook for promoting their upcoming flicks.

Some actors study ongoing trends and then, relate their movies with them, so that it looks more relatable. However, at times, this tactic can go horribly wrong. Not all actors have that knack of promoting films flawlessly. Few days back, Sidharth Malhotra was trolled for his wrong choice of words.

He had actually promoted his movie at the wrong time. While there were riots in Haryana due to Ram Rahim controversy, Sidharth had tweeted, “To all the people of Haryana , please stay safe. Hope you can see our film soon #Agentleman #PeaceAndLove.” He had got thrashed on Twitter for his insensitive tweet; now, even John Abraham has followed his footsteps and has posted an insensitive post on his Twitter handle for promoting his upcoming movie Parmanu.

This is the tweet; he deleted it after receiving backlash on Twitter. However, we have the screenshot.

The tweet was related to North Korea’s hydrogen bomb, which caused an earthquake there. John posted the map of that tremor area and said that his film becomes all the more relevant.

It read, “The 6.3 Magnitude tremor detected at a #NorthKorea test site. That makes my film #parmanuthestoryofpokhran even more relevant #NuclearTest .”

People didn’t like the way John used a natural calamity for promoting his upcoming film. Check out some tweets…

Publicity stunt?

Even Vicky Donor is great!


South Indian connect!

Cancer relation too!

How idiotic!


Force is relevant too!

Not relevant!

After being bashed this way, John had no option but to delete that tweet and replace it with something sensible.

The tweet read, “H-bomb that North Korea just tested is estimated to be 1 Megaton! Scary! #NorthKoreaNukes”

Actors should really think twice before posting something which might not go down well with social media users.

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