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Someone Linked This Deewar Poster To Modi’s Swachh Bharat Campaign! Even PM Laughed!


Someone Linked This Deewar Poster To Modi’s Swachh Bharat Campaign! Even PM Laughed!

No one can forget the 1979 movie Deewar; its powerful dialogues are still fresh in our minds. Remember that famous scene from the movie wherein Nirupa Roy is asked to make a choice between Shashi Kapoor (The good boy) and Amitabh Bachchan (The bad boy)?

We wouldn’t mind watching that iconic scene again, right? Forget the movie; someone has linked that awesome scene with Modi’s Swachh Bharat campaign.

Yes, some Deewar cum Modi fan has designed a poster, which has the film’s scene printed on it. It shows Nirupa Roy, Amitabh Bachchan and Shashi Kapoor but this time, there’s a TWIST. In the movie, Nirupa Roy had chosen her son Ravi Verma but on the poster, she has a unique condition.

The modern “Maa” will choose the one who will construct a toilet; now that’s called “Deewar with a Swachch Bharat twist”, LOL.

A Twitter user spotted this poster and tagger PM Modi in it; he was so impressed with the creativity that he asked Narendra Modi to award the person who designed it.

Here’s the tweet…

In case the tweet isn’t loading, here’s the poster…

After seeing this superb poster, even PM Modi replied; his reply was least expected but was surely a good one…

Modi’s tweet read, “Haha! Borrows from cinema to make a point on cleanliness. Innovative.”

This shows that even our PM appreciates humor. He found this idea to be quite innovative, which is why he decided to reply. When Narendra Modi finds something humorous, he makes it a point to appreciate it.

Here’s how Twitter users reacted…

Good attraction!

Mazedaar tareeka!

Someone said it’s flop!

India mein talent ki kami nahi hai!

Funny angle to it!

So guys, didn’t you find this poster very creative? Share your views in our comments section below.

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