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Someone Shares Manchurian Made Of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates & Twitter Goes WTF


Someone Shares Manchurian Made Of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates & Twitter Goes WTF

Every person has his own eating choices but you rarely get to meet someone who doesn’t like to eat chocolates as they not only soothe our taste buds but also refresh our mood. It is also being said that chocolates are good for health too if taken in a limited quantity. Moreover, it is also a fact that chocolates make one of the best gifts that you can give to someone whom you love a lot.

There are many brands of chocolates in the market and Ferrero Rocher is certainly one of the most popular brands. It is simply great when it comes to taste and what makes it more desirable is that it can be added to ice-cream sundaes, cakes, etc. after which the taste increases manifold. Experimentation in cooking is something which should be done in order to make new and tasty dishes but sometimes a dish gets prepared which leaves everyone confused and disgusted.

As Ferrero Rocher is sweet, adding it to any sweet dish does make sense but what will you say if someone makes a Ferrero Rocher Manchurian. Yes, you read it right! A Twitter user shared a photo of this dish and all the hell broke loose. Twitterati was in a great shock as to how someone can be so insensitive and harsh to use Ferrero Rocher with the spicy and salty gravy.

The Twitter user shared the photo with caption, “Here to annoy you with a photo of the nicest thing I’ve found online. Enjoy!”

Soon people started expressing their annoyance on Twitter and here are some of the selected tweets:
















Will you dare to taste this Ferrero Rocher Manchurian? Have you ever tried any weird dish like this?

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