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Someone Shares Red Sauce Pasta Dosa Loaded With Cheese & Mayonnaise, Twitters Calls It Food Crime


Someone Shares Red Sauce Pasta Dosa Loaded With Cheese & Mayonnaise, Twitters Calls It Food Crime

The fusion of two dishes or experimentation with the original dishes has been taking place for a long time and it increased manifold during the coronavirus lockdown as people had ample time to indulge in such type of activities. For the last few months we have seen people making many bizarre dishes such as orange maggi, sweet milk maggi, chocolate dosa, nutella biryani, etc. and now someone has posted a video in which Red Sauce Pasta Dosa is being cooked with lots of cheese and mayonnaise that are being used for garnishing as well.

A Twitter user whose handle is @India_Maharaj posted a video in which the whole process of cooking this weird dish is being shown. First the dosa batter is poured on the hot tawa and then some veggies along with ketchup, mayonnaise, red sauce and boiled macaroni are dropped and mixed on the dosa. After that, the dosa is divided into four parts and lots of cheese is garnished on it. The dish is served in four parts with various chutneys and again huge amount of cheese is sprinkled on it.

Watch The Video:

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The recipe has been shared with caption, “Tamil friend jab iss type ka dosa dekhta bahut gaaliya deta hai (Whenever Tamil friend sees this type of dosa, he abuses a lot)”

It is natural for such a tweet to be flooded with reactions; while some call it a crime and say that those people who eat this type of dosa should be sent to jail, several others are of the opinion that it’s not a dosa at all. Here are few selected tweets:
















Some users revealed that such dosas get sold on the stalls in Hyderabad and Secunderabad and people love to dig teeth in them, whereas few people even expressed the desire to taste such a dosa.

What is your take on this dish? Let us know.

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