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Sonakshi Sinha’s Artwork Goes For Bidding, Gets A Whooping Bid Upto Rs 30,600

Sonakshi Sinha's Artwork Goes For Bidding, Gets A Whooping Bid Upto Rs 30,600 RVCJ Media


Sonakshi Sinha’s Artwork Goes For Bidding, Gets A Whooping Bid Upto Rs 30,600

Sometimes we do need a little space to breathe out from our busy lives. For a person who works at 9-5 hour job, he or she may need to get out of the room and think about life and the purpose behind it.

Internet has trolled Sonakshi Sinha in a manner which she never really deserved. Insensitive trolls and pathetic negative criticism have led many good actors into depression. But just like her new role as AKIRA, Sonakshi Sinha is just way too tough for trollers. She has always emerged like ‘phoenix from its ash’ and without tweeting anything, told the whole word that she doesn’t give a ‘phuck’ about what internet trollers have to say about her.


Apart from acting, Sonakshi Sinha is an artist too. She loves to paint. And not just like any self proclaimed Pseudo actor cum painter, her professionalism in the career of painting has indeed helped us understand about the standards of her art.


Well for a lame person like me, I can’t really appreciate a painting by just looking at it and specifying out the mystical hidden truths embedded inside it. For me, the higher is the bidding, the better is the painting. Although this equation holds no ground, but still that’s how a layman makes his equation about things that he doesn’t understand. RIGHT ? (Pardon me)

Recently she imprinted her name into the golden pages of Guinness Book Of World Record by painting a masterpiece. Well a lot of people ( in the field of painting) can produce a masterpiece, but making a masterpiece with your bare nails is a big accomplishment. No brush with variable sizes, just nails. This is indeed worth appreciating her efforts.

But now there comes the most interesting thing. In an online bidding site ‘EBAY’ her work has grabbed many eyeballs and the bidding amount has gone up to an insane price of 30,600. Have a look.


There have been 18 bids so far which started from a whopping price of 10,000.

eBay India Item Bid History

Now the best of thing about the bidding and everything is that the price at which the painting will be sold, the entire amount will go as a donation for Organ Cancer Foundation and will also be used to create awareness about breast cancer. Now this is certainly one of the best ways to increase the awareness and help the needy ones. And the pace at which bidding amount is soaring up, it seems like Sonakshi’s artwork ‘WHOLE AGAIN’ is going to collect a decent amount for itself.

Click here to bid on this painting

But there is another catch. The reserved price by the seller is still not yet revealed. The clause of ‘RESERVE NOT MET’ does signifies that the seller will be trying to make the most out of it.


Well apart from the bidding amount and all the business, many people across the Industry have appreciated her efforts and her art work.

Well the painting was indeed worth appreciation. What do you think about the painting ? Please share your opinion in the comment section below ! !

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