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Sonu Sood Reveals Why He Is Making The Utmost Efforts To Help Migrant Workers

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Sonu Sood Reveals Why He Is Making The Utmost Efforts To Help Migrant Workers

Sonu Sood has become one of the most loved Bollywood celebs because of the help that he is offering to the migrant workers in reaching their homes. These poor workers got stuck in a difficult situation as the lockdown was imposed with an immediate effect, leaving them with no time to go back to their home towns.

While giving an interview, Sonu opened up on why he took up this difficult task. He said that he felt very sad watching the migrant laborers walking on road with their young kids. As per him, they are the same people who build their houses, offices, roads, etc. and it is not right on their part to leave these poor persons alone in the time of difficulty. He strongly felt that he should do something and then he started talking to the government of Maharashtra and other states and arranged for their transportation.

On the question of the blessings that Sonu Sood is getting, the “Dabangg” actor says that he just can’t express his feelings in words but he will always try hard to fulfill the expectations of people. Sonu reiterates that he will not stop until every migrant is sent home. He adds that he believes in coming out and helping people rather than feeling sorry and making a post on social media networks. He also expresses his sense of happiness because the God has given him a chance of helping people as they needed to be made believe that they are not alone and they can bank upon someone.

Talking about the work done by the other celebs, he says that whenever the country has needed them, the celebrities have come forward and have done their bit, though everybody contributes in the way they feel comfortable.

He also says that he takes all the precautions and not just that, he also spreads awareness  whenever he sees someone not following precautions because he feels that spreading knowledge about the disease will help in getting things back to normal.

He concludes with a lesson for life which he has been given by his mother who used to say that a person is successful only if he is able to help others. Sonu further says that whatever he is doing is because of the blessings of his parents and in the end, he also asks everyone to help those who need their assistance.

Kudos to Sonu Sood! You are a real gem!

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