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Sunny Leone Responded To Atul Anjan’s Statement In The Most Epic Way

Sunny Leone Responded To Atul Anjan's Statement In The Most Epic Way RVCJ Media


Sunny Leone Responded To Atul Anjan’s Statement In The Most Epic Way

Sunny Leone has responded to the remark made by the communist leader Atul Kumar Anjan in which Atul Anjan said that due to the condom advertisements of Sunny Leone, the number of rape cases in the country is increasing.

Atul Anjan was addressing a public rally in Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh when he made this controversial statement. He said, “There is a woman Sunny Leone. She has worked in many nude films. There is an ad – she’s lying down and one man is coming to her. It’s a condom ad. If they are shown everywhere on TV and newspapers, rape incidents will increase.”

He also went on to say that after watching these ads, sensuality increases and sensibility is destroyed. He also told the people present in the public rally that he hasn’t watched a single adult movie in life and when he watched; he puked just after 2 minutes of watching the movie.

Twitter has responded ferociously to Atul Anjan and there were tweets of all type, from sarcastic to humoristic. The Bhojpuri actor Manoj Tiwari also comes in support of Atul Anjan and endorses his opinion. However, later Atul Anjan apologized to the fans of Sunny Leone but he maintained his stand that he is against such ads.

Sunny Leone, the former adult movie star who is presently a Bollywood actress has also reacted to this controversial remark of Atul Anjan through this tweet:

Twitter users also reacted to Sunny’s response in her support. Here are few of these tweets:











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