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Swan Forces Woman To Wear Her Mask Properly. Twitter Says Even Swan Knows About Pandemic


Swan Forces Woman To Wear Her Mask Properly. Twitter Says Even Swan Knows About Pandemic

The year 2020 has been very harsh on all of us as we saw our lives getting hugely disturbed by the coronavirus pandemic. Till now, over 28 million individuals have got infected with the lethal virus while more than 920K people have lost their lives. To keep ourselves safe, we need to follow the safety measures religiously as the virus is contagious in nature. We need to wash our hands regularly with soap, use sanitizer, wear mask and maintain social distancing whenever we go out of our houses, however remaining indoors is the best way from the safety point of view.

While wearing mask has become a part of our lifestyle to remain safe amid the COVID-19 outbreak, there are some people who are still not taking this pandemic seriously. Many individuals are still seen without mask or rather they don’t wear their mask properly which eventually makes it useless.

Recently, a video is going viral on the Internet and social media in which a swan is seen forcing a woman to wear her mask properly in its own style. The woman’s mask was resting on her chin which is not the correct way to wear a mask.

Someone shared the video on the micro-blogging site Twitter and it’s a big lesson for all and sundry who think that just having a mask somewhere on their face will protect them from coronavirus.

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Netizens are full of praise for the swan and many say that it is an example of the fact that animals have more common sense than humans. Soon people start reacting and some even take a jibe at those who wear mask in the style the woman in the video is wearing. Here are some of the selected tweets:
















The coronavirus pandemic brought the super-power nations on their feet and the countries which used to boast of their world-class medical facility find it difficult to save their citizens. Precaution is the best way to save yourself from this virus and people should ensure that not only they themselves but everyone around them follows the safety measures. What makes it more worrisome is the fact that some people are avoiding wearing masks despite the fact that several nations have imposed punishment for not wearing masks in public places.

Wear mask properly, stay safe.

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