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Think Before You Click A Selfie Next Time


Think Before You Click A Selfie Next Time

Late night chats with your boyfriend can lead to clicking of some sexy selfies. Selfies, as the Indians say “Khud ki lena”, but what happens when you really start with “Khud ki lena.”

The lady very graciously started taking a selfie after hanging up the call from her boyfriend. Being alone can be really a boon when you have to get naughty with your guy. Well then when she started the selfies, light somehow started its tricks and much to her horror somehow it kept moving too.
This short horror movie which will surely spook you out of bed with its terrifying climax scene. Take a look and thank us later!

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You can directly watch it on YouTube

By the way there is someone behind you. I am not joking look I can see someone behind you. Run!

Well leave your comments and tell us how did you find the video and if you actually turned behind to look 😛

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