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This Brother-Sister Chat History Shows The Love & Bonding That Every Sibling Shares


This Brother-Sister Chat History Shows The Love & Bonding That Every Sibling Shares

Do you keep cribbing about having a sibling? Do you feel that you are being ignored by your parents or your sibling is being more pampered? Well, it’s time to ignore all this and focus on the positive part of it.

This Twitter user shows us how blessed she is to have a brother. In fact, she shares a wonderful “foodie” bond with her brother and she is loving it.

Usually, we all use WhatsApp to chat with friends for hours, but this girl is utilizing the app in a brilliant way. She shared screenshots of her WhatsApp chat with her brother on Twitter and everyone seems to be enjoying it.

From the month of May till now, this girl has just been demanding one thing from her beloved brother and that’s momos. Yes, every now and then, all she asks for is momos and he happily fulfills her requests always.

There is no other conversation between the too except the snack. No matter where he is or what time he is returning, he never forgets to bring a smile on her face by getting her favorite momos.

We all had an impression that bro-sis jodi is all about petty fights but thanks to this girl for sharing a new thing altogether.

Here are her screenshots;

Layega kya?

Le aaya!

Momos la na!

One more!

Wait! She is not alone, after seeing her tweet, many people came forward to share their experiences with their siblings. Have a look at few of their tweets.

Mozarella sticks!

Lol, Swiggy!


God bless this bhai behan jodi and may he keep fulfilling her momos demand for life.

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