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This Guy Lost 38 Kg In Just 3 Months And He Looks Unrecognisable Now


This Guy Lost 38 Kg In Just 3 Months And He Looks Unrecognisable Now

Losing extra fat from body is the best thing that an over-weight person can do for being healthy. Despite the fact that all of us know this, we lack zeal and motivation to actually work hard for it. What’s more, we need someone to make us realize that we can’t procrastinate it anymore.

Something of the similar sort happened with Pranav Kotian when his table tennis coach Nilesh Panditkar asked him as to what he is planning to do with his life and health and this is not how a sportsperson should look like. That was the moment when Pranav decided that it was enough and he had to do something about his weight.

Now as he has lost 38 Kg in 3 months, he looks back at his journey whenever he loses motivation to hit the gym, telling himself that he doesn’t want to lose this physique now.

Check out his transformation from 106 kg to 68 kg:

Here’s one more pic:

And another one:

Pranav was a food junkie but he made up mind to stop eating junk food and now his meals consist of the following:

Breakfast: 2 brown bread with 6 egg whites

Lunch: Chicken salad and protein bar

Dinner: Protein pancake and chicken salad

On cheat days, he used to have anything that he liked, especially burgers and pancakes that are among his favourite food items.

His workout regime: 6 days weight training with HIIT cardio and 3-4 times of HIIT depending on the fact whether he was losing weight or gaining muscle mass.

These pics will inspire you to no end:







Protein pancake is what he recommends and loves too as it is very easy to make.

Pranav also used to keep fasts till 1-2 pm and during that time, he had only water and black coffee.

He likes to be in the company of like-minded healthy people so that he doesn’t lose focus. Pranav makes sure that he indulges in any physical activity in the day if he is not able to go to gym for any reason.

Pranav feels that fitness is not just a one-time thing; it is a lifestyle and a person who wants to lose weight should keep patience as it won’t happen overnight. He also feels that as you see the process bringing changes in you, you will fall in love with fitness.


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