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This Is What Is Going To Happen In Avengers 4. Are You Ready Fans


This Is What Is Going To Happen In Avengers 4. Are You Ready Fans

So today we’re going to be looking at what Avengers Infinity War means for Avengers 4. So now before you go any further and read this article, let me warn you that this does contain huge spoilers for Avengers Infinity War. So if you still seen the film then please go and check it out and then come back. If you’ve already seen it then let’s try to understand what the events of Avengers Infinity War mean for the future of the MCU.

However while Avengers Infinity War ended with a satisfied mad Titan looking over what remains of the grateful universe which he believes that he has saved, what exactly does the movie tell us about what will happen next in Avengers 4?

1. The Gauntlet

After murdering trillions of people across the universe, we saw that the Infinity Gauntlet had been left burnt out and the stones themselves were dull in colour. Despite that, make no mistake that there were still some power left in them as Thanos was able to teleport himself away from Wakanda after Thor attacked and buried an axe in his chest. And with that in mind it’s probably safe to assume someone is gonna use them in Avengers 4 to restore things to the way they were. In the comics that was Nebula, but it wouldn’t be at all surprising to see a character like Doctor Strange, Captain America or Iron Man take on that role for the big screen.

2. All Deaths Are Not Permanent

Regardless the shocking deaths of here as like Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and the guardians of the galaxy will almost certainly be undone and we can guarantee their returns in Avengers 4 (because each of them has a movie on the way in the next few years which are confirmed or already in works).

3. Gamora Will Return

Another death which isn’t necessarily going to be permanent is Gamora. While Thanos threw his favorite daughter to her death on Vormir the end of Avengers Infinity War indicated that her soul is now trapped inside the soul stone. And as there’s precedent for that leading to resurrections in the comic books as a very good chance that Thanos has defeat and the destruction of the Infinity stones will lead to the fan favorite Guardian being able to come back from the dead in 2019.

4. Avengers Will Need A New Gauntlet

Going back to the Infinity Gauntlet for a second it’s obviously going to be tough for anyone to make use of that in its current state but bear in mind that we saw another one on Nidivellir when Thor Rocket and Groot visited Eitri and got him to forge the God of Thunder’s new Storm breaker hammer. Now that Thor can travel throughout the universe on a whim don’t be surprised if he takes his fellow Avengers there to retrieve that and then go out on the hunt for Thanos and the Infinity stones. So they can undo the havoc his caused and make things right.

5. Hulk Issue

For a trip into outer space Thor will need the team his old friend the Hulk would definitely come in handy. However with Bruce Banner aren’t able to transform (seemingly because the Jade giant is so terrified of Thanos) that’s something that will continue playing out throughout the course of the next movie where Mark Ruffalo has described as the conclusion of a threepart arc for the hero.

6. Defeating Thanos

So if Avengers 4 is going to be about finding Thanos and restoring those dead heroes to life what does the set photos featuring flashbacks to the Avengers mean? It’s widely thought the Iron Man uses the B.A.R.F. tech from Captain America Civil War (which allowed him to recall the last time he saw his parents) to revisit key moments during that conflict including when Loki was captured and sent back to Asgard and the fallout of the Battle of New York.

Now why would these be so important? It’s impossible to say, but it could have something to do with the tesseract and it’s equally as likely that the armored Avenger used the time stone to travel back in time and stop Thanos before he can become a threat. And that would essentially undo the events of Avengers Infinity War and may even reboot the MCU to an extent which makes it easier for the transition over to the newer heroes like Black Panther and Captain Marvel to take place as the likes of Captain America and Iron Man take a step back.

7. Captain Marvel

Talking of Captain Marvel the movies after credits sequence made it clear that she’ll play a role in Avengers 4 and seeing as she’s been described as the MCU’s used most powerful superhero, she could be the one who helps turn the tide against Thanos in the battle to come.

8. Antman And Hawkeye

AntMan, The Wasp and Hawkeye will all also be present in the sequel and while this movie revealed that Scott Lang and Clint Barton had to make a deal with the government because being on the run proved too much of a strain on their families. Chances are that family’s actions could have resulted in some of them vanishing hence why they’re now happy to once again assemble alongside the Avengers.

In Hawkeye’s case though set photos have confirmed that he’ll take on his Ronan persona so expect a very different take on the archer in a year from now.

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