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This Man’s Name Is Actually Kovid & He Shares Hilarious Situations He’s Faced Since COVID Came


This Man’s Name Is Actually Kovid & He Shares Hilarious Situations He’s Faced Since COVID Came

The COVID-19 pandemic has made our lives hell for the last two years and it won’t be wrong to say that we all are very much scared of the word ‘COVID’ but there is one person who is facing many hilarious situations because of his name which is quite similar to the name of this virus.

Kovid Kapoor has become a very popular person in the recent past, obviously for his name, and he has gained many followers as well on the social media networks. Kovid, a co-founder of, is an alumnus of IIT-Bombay and his tagline reads, “My name is Kovid and I’m not a virus”.

Recently, Kovid Kapoor took to the micro-blogging site Twitter and revealed that a number of people were left amused after knowing his name when he went on a foreign trip, adding that future foreign trips will be fun.

He also informed his followers that the meaning of his name is scholar/learned and it comes in the Hindu religious book, “Hanuman Chalisa” which is read for the purpose of offering prayers to Hindu Lord Hanuman.

He also wrote that the pronunciation of his name is different from COVID as in his name, D sounds in a soft manner, not hard like in the name of the virus; it is pronounced as ‘कोविद’ and not as ‘कोविड’.

In response to his tweet, another user revealed that the name of his society is Corona Optus and this could be searched on the search engine Google as well.

On the other hand, another user gave a detailed meaning of Kovid:

Kovid also revealed that on his 30th birthday, his friends ordered a cake for him but the baker committed a mistake of writing COVID-30 instead of KOVID-30.

Kovid also posted a photo of himself holding a bottle of Corona beer which is another name for the virus.

He also revealed that when he went to Starbucks for having coffee, the person who gave him coffee told his name to everyone and people present over there laughed out loud.

If this was not enough, even Google thought that Kovid misspelled his name,

Here are some more funny situations that were revealed by Kovid Kapoor and it is something that he will experience his whole life,

This is how Twitter users reacted to his name and the funny situation:

Well, let’s hope that Kovid has a great life but COVID goes away from our lives as soon as possible. Till then, stay at home and follow safety protocols to keep yourself and your family members safe from the virus!

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