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This One Video Will Change Your Perspective Towards “Bihari”


This One Video Will Change Your Perspective Towards “Bihari”

Yes, the term ‘Bihari’, which was once used to identify the people from Bihar, has now become a slang, an abuse. This behavior has become very common, people land to interact with the people from Bihar in weird manner at times, even if they are our friends. It has so normal that we don’t even realize when we land up using it as a slang, when we land up abusing someone.

But why? How all this started? Why we make a distinct image for a person belonging to Bihar?

Their identity has come under major crisis. But have you ever thought how these people feel? Can that ever change? If yes, how?

Watch this video by Old Delhi Films, where they talk to some people from Bihar, to get a better perspective about them.

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This video is also available directly on YouTube

Never forget, Ek Bihari, Sau Pe Bhari!!

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