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This Speech By PM Modi Is His Best Reply To The Opposition Ever!


This Speech By PM Modi Is His Best Reply To The Opposition Ever!

It would not be wrong to name this Session of Parliament as SESSION of AWESOME SPEECHES. It was Smriti Irani first who with her emotional speech made it to the Headlines and whose speech went on to be viral all over the social media. Yesterday we shared with you something that was really unexpected, a flawless speech by Rahul Gandhi who is very popular to deliver speeches with mistakes and misstatements and today our own Prime Minister nailed the opposition with his humorous and fact based speech.
Yesterday Vice President of the INC Mr. Rahul Gandhi attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and ruling party Ministers over the sensitive issues of JNU & Rohit Vemula’s Suicide. He in his speech reminded Modi about the promises Modi made to the people of this country before the Lok Sabha Elections and questioned Modi and his party about how much did they deliver in the recent 2 years. Rahul Gandhi in his speech spoke about Inflation and increasing prices of commodities.
Today Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a powerful comeback with his speech answering to most of the questions asked by Rahul Gandhi.

  1.  Modi in his speech quoted that “We had MGNREGA because we had poverty in our country, had there been no Poverty we would have never needed such schemes”.
  2. He also attacked the opposition for targeting MAKE IN INDIA and called it shameful for mocking Make In India which is for the nation. He said that if such schemes which is for the benefit of the nation is not functioning well there should be discussions for improving it and not Mocked by the opposition.
  3. Modi gained the attention of everyone by quoting that “Parliament is not allowed to Function properly because there is Inferiority Complex”. There are many wise and intellectual speakers in the opposition but they are not allowed to speak because of the same Inferiority Complex.
  4.  In the course of his speech he raised statements which was said earlier by former Prime Ministers Rajiv Gandhi & Indira Gandhi. He said that Parliament is a place where discussions are to be taken place, but if there are certain boundaries maintained during such discussions only then the outcome is fruitful. I didn’t say this, this is said by our Former PM Rajiv Gandhi.
  5. The Opposition is actually worried on how and why our Govt. is doing better than UPA

You can watch the entire 1 Hour Speech HERE

It was a powerful speech where PM highlighted many issues which was looked after by the government for India’s development. But PM in the course of his speech didn’t answer few other questions raised by opposition which we as citizens of India surely need some answer. The issues involved : EPF Tax, Black Money, JNU, Rohit Vemula’s Case & Haryana Jat Riots. We surely believe that answers on these questions will be soon answered too.

Reactions of the Leaders of Opposition made it very clear on how powerful and accurate the speech was.


There were mixed reactions of people on Twitter. Have a look at how twitter reacted to the Epic Speech By PRIME MINISTER MODI.










Modi ended his speech on a very powerful note. He stated “Is Sarkaar Mein Bhi Sudhar Aana Chahiye, Mujhe Aapki Madad, Aap logo Ka Sahyog Chahiye, Main Naya Hoon, Aap log Anubhavi Log Hai, Chaliye Kandhe Se Kandha Milkar Desh Ke Liye Kuch Acha Karke Jaaye. Sarkaare Aayengi Jaayengi, Bigadti-Banti Baat Chalti Rahegi, Yeh Desh Ajar-Amar Hai, Chaliye Is Desh Ki Poorti Ke Liye Kaam Kare!”

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