These Are Top 10 Companies In The World And How Much They Earn Per Employee

Everyone wants to work in big companies. Many of you would have a dream company as well and for an entry there, you must be working day and night.

One thing that I want to tell you here is your entry and fate in your favourite company depends on how well you add up to the system and enhance it.

Being placed in high placed companies get you all the respect and money but it also takes a lot from you. Yes! While you look up to the employees of companies like Apple, Facebook and their salary cheques, you also need to know how much they return.

Here’s a list of 10 big companies in the world and how much money they make from each employee.

10. Applied Materials


The American corporate company provides a work place and amazing lifestyle to 18,400 employees.

And it earns $694,000 i.e. Rs 4.5 crores approx from each of them.

9. Microsoft


Microsoft is a big company and dream of many people. Each employee of Microsoft earns $748,000 i.e Rs 4.86 crores each for the company.

8. Qualcomm


The company which deals with semiconductors and telecommunications equipments makes $772,000 i.e Rs 5 crores per employee.

7. Lam Research


Lam Research designs has an employee base of 9100 and earns $785,000 i.e. Rs 5.10 crores from each of them.

6. Master Card


One of the leading financial service providers, Master Card earns $906,000 i.e. Rs 5.89 crores from each employee.

5. Visa Card


Visa Card is another highly popular financial service provider company and it earns $1 million i.e. Rs 6.5 crores per employee.

4. Verisign


The worldwide domain selling company which also deals in providing security services makes $1.1 million i.e. Rs 7.15 crores per employee.

3. Google


Everyone knows about Google and learns everything from it. The company ranks on 3rd position in the list as it earns $1.2 million i.e. Rs 7.80 crores per employee.

2. Facebook


Facebook has made high tides in the digital medium. Along with being the most popular social media website, it also owns WhatsApp and Instagram. Facebook earns $1.7 million i.e. Rs 11.05 crores per employee.

1. Apple


Apple which works in making one of the most expensive and valuable gadgets earns $1.9 million i.e. Rs 12.35 crores per employee.

Isn’t that amazing? What are your thoughts on it?

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