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Top 10 Differences Between Birthdays Now & Then – Child V/s Adult!!!

Differences Between Child V/S Adult Birthdays.


Top 10 Differences Between Birthdays Now & Then – Child V/s Adult!!!

We all love to celebrate our Birthday that is the best day of the life. But, remember the good old days as a child when we invited our loved friends to birthday bash for which they gave you gifts that made us so happy? That feeling and time can never come back. Thus, let’s check few Differences between child v/s adult birthdays.

1. As a kid we said “aaj mai pure din cake hi khaunga”. But now you are just too busy replying “thank you” message on facebook wishes that obviously don’t mean much.

giphy (7)

2. We wanted all our friends to be there for the birthday bash, now we reserve only few seats in a restaurant.

giphy (1)

3. “Aaj to b’day celebration pure din hoga”, now you work till 7pm and then celebrate. This is also restricted as you have to rejoin the office the next morning.

giphy (5)

4. There was a countdown as “ab sirf 11 days bache hain for my birthdayyyy”; now you remember this just a day before.

giphy (6)

5. We always wanted to grow and get all that adults got and thus screamed in joy with the statement…. “ab agle saal I can vote or get a driving licence done”. Now when you are adult, the each birthday takes you a year closer to the Death.


6. You loved the “kheer, puris…” made by your mom on this special day. Now, you take them to a restaurant for a treat.

giphy (8)

7. Your family pampered you a lot on your b’day as a child; now they hardly even care.

giphy (4)

8. We got new clothes every year when we were a child, now it doesn’t matter even if you have no new clothes to wear.

giphy (3)

9. As a child or teenage you got handmade or bought birthday greetings to wish; now we have forgotten all of it…we sometimes receive greeting over internet.

giphy (9)

10. You wanted to flaunt your birthday to everyone be it school, friends or among teachers. But, now you run before time from the office to avoid giving any treat.

giphy (2)

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Let us know in comments which life was better? Then or Now??

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