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Top 11 Aphrodisiac Foods That Helps To Stimulate Sexual Desire


Top 11 Aphrodisiac Foods That Helps To Stimulate Sexual Desire

Aphrodisiac food are generally those food that helps to trigger the sex hormones in your body, and boost your performance in bed. Earlier these foods were used in large number and the newly married bride and groom were given the aphrodisiac, so that it helps to boost confidence and make them spend goof time with each other. So, the next time you eat them, we are sure you would never feel sleepy again. Have a look at the aphrodisiac fruits

1. Chocolate

Chocolate have been always been represented as the sensual thing associated to sex and eating them helps to trigger sex hormones this is due to phenyl ethylamine (PEA) present in it. Also, due to its sensual and finger licking taste and the aroma, it is widely associated with activities related to sex.



2. Watermelon

Various studies and researches have suggested, watermelon is the lycopene king that carries the same effect of that of a Viagra. Eating watermelon can help to relax the blood vessels and improves the blood circulation in the body, which in turn results in performing better on bed.



3. Honey

Honey is one of the aphrodisiac foods that help to regulate estragon and testosterone levels in the body.



4. Coffee

The caffeine in the coffee acts as a stimulant in the body, resulting in increase of heart rate and blood circulation in the body. Also, recent study says that coffee can put women in a mood of sex!



5. Cardamom

Besides being extremely helpful in cooking, it is also considered as an aphrodisiac food. The warming and the pungent flavor of this spice can help to increase the blood flow in the body, which makes the body more comfortable while making out.



6. Basil

Basil is no longer an herb, which helps to just refresh the dish with its smell and taste but it can actively help to make you more active on bed. Munching more on basils helps to augment the sex desires in you leading to increase in blood supply and heart beat rate in a person’s body.



7. Garlic

You are no more getting a bad breath by eating more of garlic and garlic based foods. Besides this property, garlic can helps to improve blood circulation in the body which is due to a substance called, Allicin in it. Allicin helps to improve the sexual energy in a person and also increase the stamina.



8. Olive oil

Due to high anti-oxidants, olive oil is famous since ages for benefiting a person with several health benefits. Greeks says, olive oil makes men more wild and sensual on bed and is the most affected aphrodisiac food. Being a rich source of mono saturated and polyssatured fats, it helps to add romance in the relation. It also benefits in hormone production and also improves blood circulation in the body.



9. Celery

Celery proved beneficial in arousing estragon and testosterone in a person. Celery is high will all those nutrients and proteins which are necessary for sex and also increases the sexual desire in a person.



10. Hot chilies

Hot chillies generally contain Capsaicin which helps in stimulating the endorphins, which makes the brain feel good. Also in various tradition and countries, hot chilies are considered to be symbol of love due to its reputation of being an aphrodisiac food and the bright red color.



11. Almonds

Almonds contains the most sensual smell which serves as a sexual attachment also they are high in fats, vitamin E and fibers which serve the need of being sexy on bed. Almond nuts have been traced as a symbol of fertility extending back to the Biblical times.



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