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Top 12 Indian Resolutions For The New Year 2015!!!

Top 12 Indian Resolutions For The New Year 2015!!!


Top 12 Indian Resolutions For The New Year 2015!!!

1. No more spending faltu money to watch the crap movies of Sajid Khan. So what even it has its advertisement on front page, popular stars or releases on holidays.


2. Stop silly comments on any post that you see on social Medias or internet forums.

giphy (6)

3. Support Modi for the “safai abhyaan”, keep your city and nearby areas clean. Also don’t be offended to do so or stop other people’s giving your free ka opinions. But, I hope you don’t get into battles or get bruises on your face.

giphy (8)

4. If you area Mumbaikar, you will agree to this point. You can have a resolution to stop the elbowing process to the commuters in the train, especially in the peak hours.giphy

5. Stop thinking you are a photographer by just taking off you camera and shoot anything. Some also take pictures of poor or firangs to get popular among the friends. The worst could be, they make it black and white to get the max effect.

giphy (2)

6. This one is for the lovers! They take local historical monuments as a lover’s and kiss point. Behind every pillar or corner you can find a couple. Hope you get the point lovers?

giphy (10)

7. Stop sending repeated requests to any girl on Facebook whom you don’t even know. Especially with those silly star names….

giphy (5)

8. Keep in mind to flush after you are done at any public washroom.

giphy (9)

9. Calling waiters with those loud kissy noises? Do a resolution this 2015 year to avoid doing this. Also maintain a habit of tipping waiters, instead of being chinddi.

giphy (4)

10. Shoppers don’t get tempted to buy just anything, which has sale or huge offer tag.

giphy (7)

11. Stop bitching about the government after using a long weekend due to election or strike.

giphy (3)

12. Stop advising others “how to lose weight loss”.

giphy (1)

Anything that you want to add to this 2015 resolution list? Do comment below.

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