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What Would Indians Love To See In The Year 2015!!!


What Would Indians Love To See In The Year 2015!!!

Bye-bye 2014 and few days that we welcome New Year. Many have also thought about their 2015 resolution list. Thus, we have listed few things that Indians will love to see in the year 2015.

1.Corruption free India

India is full of corruption that is termed as kharcha paani, hafta, donations and dowry. Thus many of us have a dream to see India free from corruption.


2. Disable person’s Employment

Disable person is often a problem in many families. Thus, we would love to see them properly employed and self-reliant.

giphy (8)

3.Punish the rapists

After the Nirbhaya case people have gone alert and want the strictest punishment for rapist like hanging them to death or cutting off private parts.

giphy (7)

4.Amitabh Bachchan in Bigg Boss

Ye! Along with him we also have few others in the list like Salman, Aishwarya, Shahrukh. We would love to see them gossip and live together.

giphy (5)

5.Aamir attending award functions

We haven’t seen Amir Khan attending award functions since long. Also if he could perform some popular bollywood numbers on stage would be “sone pe suhaaga”.

giphy (2)

6.Travel Mars

We would love to have transportation facility to mars and also check with some real estate and become Martian neighbours.

giphy (4)

7.Yes or no for Arvind Kejriwal

Undoubtedly Kejriwal is a very genius man. But, maybe this year we can understand him for yes or no.

giphy (1)

8.salman khan getting married

Hopefully he will get married this year with his true love. This popular bachelor is surely not getting old though!

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9.Keep up Modi sarkar

Citizens have voted for “abki baar, modi sarkar” and they are actually doing well. Thus, we would love to see more tarakki of India.


10.India winning the world cup

I am sure this is going to be the hottest talk of all. We all want Indian to win World cup this year. Cheers India!

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