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Top 8 Booming Technologies In Today’s World

Top 8 Booming Technologies In Today's World RVCJ Media


Top 8 Booming Technologies In Today’s World

Top 8 Booming Technologies In Today's World RVCJ Media
Technology, the buzz word around nowadays and surely for future as well. It has changed the way we look at things. From self learning robots to automated stuff, from understandable machines with human emotions to what not?

Technology has completely overtaken over the world. The one who knows technology has the power, the power to decide things.

Let us take a look at some of the technologies that are in talk in today’s world and the technologies that everybody should learn:

1) Machine Learning

Well, this is not a new one, but is still a trending one. Machine learning has been the game changing technology in the past few years.

The basic concept of machine learning is to feed data to a machine and make it learn from that data to predict the future possibilities.

For Ex: Machine learning model can predict the spread of a forest fire.

2) Augmented Reality

Augmented reality or AR is one of the most engaging modern day technologies; it is used in many games like Pokemon Go or in social media apps like Snapchat.

What it does it detects an image and then overlays on it a 3-D model of whatever you want to overlay. This really helps to make things interesting to understand for kids as well as for adults.

3) Artificial Intelligence

AI is among the leading tech stack in the world. AI is defined as something which the machine learns by observing its environment and then produces an output/result which is better at having a chance of success.

AI is one fascinating field.

4) Blockchain

Blockchain is a technology that more and more people are getting involved in every day. It is a technology used for making a chain of online money transfer. It is implemented with the help of Hyperledger.

This is not an easy technology to learn; very few people are able to excel in this.

5) Virtual Reality

Another very fascinating technology; VR helps us to live an environment as though we actually are in it. It requires a VR headset.

There are many applications of VR like in games, experiencing history, buying clothes to check if the size fits and many more.

6) Security Intelligence

Security intelligence has more to do with the security of the data over the internet. With SI, we learn how to protect our system plus to hack someone else’s to retrieve useful data. This is a very good option if you’re still considering career options or are looking for something new to pursue. Cyber security and security intelligence is something every business is looking for, and by attending St. Bonaventure University, you could offer them all the security they need and keep cyber criminals away from their precious data. And don’t worry, you don’t need any special skills when taking one of these online courses, but you will however be equipped to provide security and safety to businesses everywhere after finishing them!

It is mostly done on Kali Linux.

7) Data Analytics

Another very important and prevalent technology; data analytics is used in analyzing data over the internet and to build from it various models to achieve advancements in business.

It is a very new technology but seeing the importance of data, this technology is a real important one.

8) Internet of things

IOT, this is one technology that is the mainstream of electronic engineers. With IOT things can be done over the internet like controlling a satellite or sending some other signals to perform any task.

With the help of IOT, a lot has been achieved over the past few years and there are many bright future possibilities with the help of this technology.
Top 8 Booming Technologies In Today's World RVCJ Media

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