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Here Are The Top Calling & Data Packages Offered By Various Telecom Giants In 2017! Check Them Out!


Here Are The Top Calling & Data Packages Offered By Various Telecom Giants In 2017! Check Them Out!

After Reliance Jio’s destructive entry into the world of telecommunication industry, everyone seems to be active in some way or the other. The word ‘FREE’ sells in a much faster, reliable and genuine way than any of the word ever sponsored or promoted. And hence, the FREE data packages along with FREE calling and FREE SMS by Reliance Jio network got everyone by the storm which made it the fastest growing mobile network in the world.

However, ever since the Reliance Jio entered into the market, we do have to admit that it has changed a lot. The stiff competitor has now shaken everyone and probably that is the reason why we all become happy whenever various telco companies launch their new data schemes every now and then at various amazing prices. So here are we, presenting you the top UNLIMITED DATA and CALLING Packages by various mobile networks in India.

Jio Plan

This had come at the top of this list. Currently, till 31st March, every single Jio user will be getting 1 GB of FREE 4G Data every day. So this means 31 GB in a month. However, after 31st March 2017, one will have to pay for getting access to these data schemes. Along with that, enjoy free calling to any network (Local as well as STD). 100 free text messages per day are a bonus.


• Rs 145 – The validity of this plan is 28 days. In this, unlimited free calling on Airtel network is offered. STD calls on Airtel network are free too. 300 MB of 4G data is offered to users having 4G handsets.

• Rs 345 – This plan is valid for 28 days. Unlimited free local and STD calls to any network can be availed. Just like the smaller pack of Rs 145, this plan also offers 1 GB of free data to 4G handset users and 50 MB of free data to non-4G users.

• Free 4G data for 12 months (Worth Rs 9,000) will be offered to non-Airtel user switching to Airtel 4G. Even existing Airtel users can avail this if they upgrade to a new 4G handset. The offer is valid only till the 28th of February 2017.

Vodafone Red Postpaid plans

• Rs 499 per month– In this, users get unlimited local and national calls to any network along with 3 GB of 3G/4G data for users having 4G handsets and 1 GB data for users having non-4G handsets. Along with this,you get 100 free text messages daily and free incoming roaming.

• Rs 699 per month– Users get unlimited local and national calls, 100 text messages and free roaming. The only difference is the data capacity; 4G handset users get 5 GB of 3G/4G data and non-4G users get 2.5 GB data.

• Rs 899– Similar benefits are offered, but the free data offered to 4G handset users is 8 GB; non-4G smartphone users get 5GB data.

• Rs 1299– It is similar to others and since the price is higher, the data offered is higher too. 4G handset users get 12 GB of 3G/4G data and non-4G handset users get 8 GB of 3G/4G data.

• Rs 349– This is for prepaid users. In this, you get unlimited local/STD calls for 28 days. If you have a 4G handset, you get 1 GB free data and if you don’t, you would get 50 MB free data.

• Super hour offer– If you avail this offer, you can enjoy unlimited 3G/4G data for an hour and that too at just Rs 16. Just like data, there is a plan for hourly calling too. Unlimited local calls (On Vodafone) can be availed at just Rs 7.

4. Idea Plan

• Rs 148– In this plan, a user gets unlimited local and STD calls but only on Idea network. Additionally, 300 MB of 4G data is offered.

• Rs 348– Idea users get unlimited calls, STD and Local (Any network) and 1 GB of free data.


BSNL has 2 attractive plans; let’s have a look at them!

• Rs 144 – In this Rs 144 plan, you can enjoy unlimited local and STD calls to any network. To add to it, the company offers 300 MB of 3G data free free free!

• Rs 339 – This plan also offers unlimited calling to any network (Local + STD) but the free data limit has been increased to 1 GB.


Aircel has just one sweet and simple offer. You need to recharge it with Rs 348 and in that, you’ll get unlimited calling to any network along with 1.5 GB 4G data. The validity of this plan is 28 days.

The plans provided to you have been noted down from the respective company’s official website. What are your views? If you think I have gone wrong in explaining the data plans, feel free to correct me. Share your opinions in the comment section below.

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