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TrulyMadly, A Dating Site Uses Its Matchmaking Algorithm To Find You A Plasma Donor.

TrulyMadly plasma drive


TrulyMadly, A Dating Site Uses Its Matchmaking Algorithm To Find You A Plasma Donor.

Our country is in the middle of a pandemic, a pandemic that is taking away the lives of 1000’s of people every day, a pandemic that has taken a toll on our physical and mental health.

While we have our frontline workers who are giving in their best day in and day out, we have others too who are working valiantly to support the country in such distressing times. One such organization is TrulyMadly.

TrulyMadly is India’s leading dating site. And in times like these, they have decided to put to use their matchmaking algorithm to help connect the plasma donors with those in need.

The feature is present on the company’s website which earlier used to have information related to Covid numbers. To make this process an efficient one, the algorithm ensures that all the critical information such as blood group, diagnosis date, location, and everything is matched, thus making the whole process hassle-free.

TrulyMadly CEO & Co-founder Snehil Khanor said, “The second wave of the pandemic has severely affected the country and despite the information being available, it is largely unverified or dated in nature and only adding to the information overload. We decided to use the underlying technology of our matchmaking engine for couples to also help COVID-19 patients meet the right plasma donor. This feature has been launched on, we appeal to people, who have recovered from COVID-19 to come forward, and register on the platform to help save the lives of those whose immune system is unable to fight the infection. We wish to help as many people as possible with this initiative and contribute meaningfully in fighting this pandemic.”

It is heartening to see such organizations coming forward and putting their resources for the greater good, to help everyone, and to ensure that our loved ones, stay close to us.

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