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Twitter Reacts To The Historic Decision Of OROP Implementation


Twitter Reacts To The Historic Decision Of OROP Implementation

OROP Implementation – A Historic Decision For India!!
One Rank One Pension!! I’m sure you must have come across this phrase quite a few times in the recent days. But to your knowledge this agitation from the ex-servicemen hold a 40 year old history. From past 40 years these Veterans are demanding for One Rank One Pension but always see disappointment from the various governments ruling the center at that time.
Hence the agitation for OROP has gone even harder this time with BJP in the center again. It even has to see huger strikes and heavy agitations to reach out the govt this time.
And finally today after a long discussion Govt finally accepted OROP for the Ex-servicemen.
Congratulations Indian Govt & Indian Army For the Historic Decision. Here are some of the reactions of people on twitter which will make you understand how happy people are with the decision.

Well done Modi Govt., a decision which was scraped by all the governments since 42 years, has finally been Implemented. This would be a great relief to our Soldiers who give their everything to the country. Congratulations India!! Share this post & Comment your views on the OROP issue in the comments section below.

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