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Twitter Trolled Kanhaiya & Said He Failed For 11th Time. Kanhaiya Shut The Trolls In A Kickass Way

Twitter Trolled Kanhaiya & Said He Failed For 11th Time. Kanhaiya Shut The Trolls In A Kickass Way RVCJ Media


Twitter Trolled Kanhaiya & Said He Failed For 11th Time. Kanhaiya Shut The Trolls In A Kickass Way

Kanhaiya Kumar, the former President of JNUSU, is once again in news but this time, it is because of fake news that is going viral on the Internet.

A Twitter user claimed that Kanhaiya Kumar has failed for the 11th time in the examinations and this gave enough fodder to Twitterati to slam the student leader for wasting the money of taxpayers.

Check out some selected tweets:









Not just on Twitter but this fake news was shared on WhatsApp as well and a video was posted on YouTube on this topic by a person known as Rahul Kedia.

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However, when Kanhaiya Kumar was asked to comment on this matter, here’s what he told Alt News,

“This information is totally fake. There is no exam for PhD. I am a final year student. My thesis is in the final stage and will be submitted by July 21, 2018. The subject of my thesis is ‘social transformation in South Africa’. I enrolled in JNU for the integrated MPhil-PhD program in 2011 which is of 7 years’ duration. I commenced my PhD in 2013. I suspect that someone just created a message with this rumour which then started to circulate. I haven’t even been in JNU for 11 years. This is my 7th and final year.”

Kanhaiya also took to Twitter and gave a mouth-shutting reply to those who spread fake news.

His first tweet read,

जो लोग मोदी चालीसा के अलावा कुछ नहीं पढ़ते, उनको क्या मालूम कि PhD में परीक्षा नहीं होती, थीसिस लिखी जाती है। मैं JNU में पढता हूँ, Whatsapp यूनिवर्सिटी में नहीं और ना ही आज तक कभी फेल हुआ हूँ। चाहो तो RTI कर लो, मैं मोदी जी की तरह अपनी डिग्री दिखाने से मना भी नहीं करूँगा। 😄 (People who don’t read anything other than Modi Chalisa don’t know that no examination is conducted in PhD but one is required to write thesis. I study in JNU, not in the WhatsApp university and I have never ever failed so far. If you want, you can file an RTI; I won’t even refuse from showing my degree like Modi Ji)”

In the second tweet, he wrote,

“Sensible people know that no university holds PhD exam. You submit a thesis. No university lets you stay enrolled after failing any exam 11 times. Its classic fake news presented without proof or common sense

Also to the disappointment of many,I have never failed any exam ever😀”

In another tweet, he wrote,

“I wonder why has the standard of BJP IT Cell fallen even after an 81% rise in BJP’s income last year. Fake News on being anti-national was far more creative with doctored videos and manufactured debates. Fake News of failing a PhD exam 11 times is height of being ANTI-RATIONAL 😂”

We also request our readers to verify the news before sharing it on the social media because a large mass is affected by their posts.

What do you have to say in this connection? Let us know.


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