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Ulhasnagar Traders To Place Fake Orders To Amazon So That It Bans Town & People Buy From Local Shop


Ulhasnagar Traders To Place Fake Orders To Amazon So That It Bans Town & People Buy From Local Shop

There is no denying the fact that e-commerce sites such as Flipkart and Amazon have made our lives pretty easy, saving a lot of time, money and energy as we can choose from numerous options and that too just in a click of our fingers from the comfort of home.

They have given people a great relief from going to different shops every time they want to buy something as now they can get their desired product delivered at doorstep. What’s more, from groceries to accessories, clothes to electronics, just each and everything is available here in the best price. Lucrative deals and festive offers are add-ons that have made people shift their interest from local stores to e-commerce sites.

After so many plus points, it is obvious for common persons to prefer these sites and thus the business of local store owners has affected significantly or in other words, we can say that sites like Amazon have taken the business of shop owners.

This has made local traders of Ulhasnagar so upset that they have made up mind of initiating a campaign against e-commerce firms. For the same, they are planning to make numerous fake orders to Amazon so that their entire town gets blacklisted from shopping on the site.

The local businessmen are upset with the loss they have to face due to the online portals and their trading is not satisfactory in spite of the fact that it’s festive season. Quite naturally, they can’t offer as heavy discount as people can avail on e-commerce sites and hence they conducted a meeting on Monday in which they came to the conclusion of finishing the shopping option from Amazon for residents of the town by placing fake orders in bulk. They will choose the payment option of cash on delivery and will cancel the order after some time.

As per a businessman, when many orders will be cancelled from one area, e-commerce sites will obviously ban it and stop selling their products there.

There has been no response from Amazon as to how they will deal with such situations if any such thing actually takes place in Ulhasnagar.

What do you have to say about the strategy or campaign of Ulhasnagar traders? Let us know your views.

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