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The Most Unusual Foods That A Man Can Ever Eat

The Most Unusual Foods That A Man Can Ever Eat RVCJ Media


The Most Unusual Foods That A Man Can Ever Eat

Variety is the essence of life. Obviously, you will be very weird if you are asked to wear the same dress to work every day, or you are directed to eat pizza every day. Here we are mainly talking about food items. We search through the menu to try something which is new or something we haven’t tried. We visit new places to enjoy the ambience and food. But sometimes our choices lead us to bizarre results. Out of curiosity and excitement, we order food about which we don’t even know much about and then sometimes it becomes a tasty adventure and sometimes a delicious disaster.

We have only one life, and one should live it to the fullest.
Team RVJC presents you the most atrocious thing that you can ever eat. Thank us later for this!

#1. Fermented Skate

It is one of the most famous and ancient dishes’ of North Korea. It is rotten fish. It is very chewy and tasty.

#2. Live Octopus

Yes, you read it right. You have to eat it alive. The chefs just cut it into small pieces, and you can see the moving. They are tough to chew but you have to eat it as soon as possible otherwise they can stick in your mouth. (Even if someone pays me to do this I can never do this)

#3. Chicken Feet

I feel so nauseous after looking at the picture. Chicken feet are served with red BBQ sauce. There is no meat but soft cartilages. You might feel like chewing rubber. I imagine what the person has to go through who has to cut off the toe nails.

#4. Cow Brain Curry

This food tastes like other curries like of chicken or beef. I don’t want to write anything more about this. Yuk!

#5. Fried Crickets

They are fried in oil and then seasoned with salt and chilli powder. You can compare them with crispy fried fish.

#6. Kangaroo

You will only find this food in Australia. It is red which is not very tasty.

#7. Calves Brain

The Most Unusual Foods That A Man Can Ever Eat RVCJ Media

Raw beef steak.

If eating an animal’s brain would help a human brain develop then the whole human race today would have been feasting on animal brains. This food is very popular in European countries. It is very light, and its taste is also nothing very extraordinary.

#8. Roasted bat on a stick

I can never imagine of something like these. It was very famous during the ancient times the time when kings and queens ruled. It is still widely consumed in Indonesia.

#9. Bull’s private part

It is a light dish which is found in Japan. It is very chewy and tastes fine.

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