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“Unwanted Gifts Returned By Nature,” Tons Of Plastic Waste Covered Mumbai Beach After Rain


“Unwanted Gifts Returned By Nature,” Tons Of Plastic Waste Covered Mumbai Beach After Rain

The Nature has suffered a lot because of human’s quest for development as the greenery of the planet Earth has been replaced by jungles of concrete. Moreoever, pollution by vehicles, industries, plastic pollution, etc. are increasing day by day and many other activities are also getting carried out which are damaging the Nature to a great extent.

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There have been instances when the Nature has responded to the human’s pathetic behaviour in the form of Tsumani, floods, etc. but majority of the humans still haven’t learned the right way to live their lives. Despite the fact that the governments and municipal corporations are repeatedly asking the citizens to dispose waste in a proper manner and not to throw anything in rivers and drains, many citizens aren’t listening and the early consequences of such behaviour can be witnessed in Mumbai recently.

Mumbai is one of the biggest cities of not just India but the world as well and it is also known as the financial capital of the country so it is quite obvious that it has a huge population. A video is going viral on the Internet which shows that the Mahim beach is covered with tons of plastic waste which is given back to the city by the Arabian Sea. This is the same waste which has been dumped into rivers and drains by the Indian citizens and now the Nature has given a warning to everyone by returning the waste.

The beaches of Mumbai were closed for some time due to the rains and when they were opened, the view was certainly horrifying.

The video has been posted by Twitter handle Mumbai Matters and it has posted the video with the caption, “#Beaches in #Mumbai now Open. Citizens throng Mahim beach to have a look at the #ReturnGift from ArabianSea.. #PlasticPollution #MumbaiRains”

This is how netizens reacted to it:















The BMC has also responded on this post as it states that they are cleaning beaches but the citizens should also stop throwing waste in rives and drains because this goes into the sea which the Nature gives back as the return gift.

If people don’t change their style of living and habits, they will have to suffer in a big manner! #Shame

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