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UP Police’s Tweet On Importance Of Wearing Mask During COVID-19 Pandemic Is Bang On


UP Police’s Tweet On Importance Of Wearing Mask During COVID-19 Pandemic Is Bang On

The situation of the coronavirus pandemic in India is under control now, however a couple of Indian states are still registering good number of COVID-19 positive patients daily and we still need to follow the safety protocols. Though the vaccination drive in the country is in full swing nowadays, people need to understand that they should keep on following the safety protocols.

However, the visuals that we are getting from the hill stations such are Nainital, Shimla, Mussoorie, etc. are really scary. Tourists are seen without masks and they are not even practicing social distancing. In fact, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also warned the citizens that if they keep on behaving like this, nobody will be able to stop the third wave.

It has been observed that people have become carefree and leave aside maintaining social distancing, they have also stopped wearing mask which is quite important in the fight against the lethal virus.

The police departments have also contributed immensely in this war against COVID-19. They have kept a watch over people so that they follow the rules in correct manner and recently they used their Twitter accounts for reminding people about the importance of wearing masks.

In a tweet made by UP Police, they posted a photo of a doormat with tagline, “Mask Devo Bhav” which resembles to “Athithi Devo Bhav”.

The writing on the doormat reads “Press Enter, if you are masked” and they captioned the photo, “A Home Sweet Home needs to be a ‘Safe Home’ too ! Stay masked & ask everyone around you to follow suit.”

Twitter also loved creativity of the UP Police and this is how people reacted:

We also request our readers to wear a mask whenever they go out of the house as it will play an important role in saving you from COVID-19.

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