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UrbanClap CEO Mistakenly Marks Customer On Email While Telling Employees To “Ignore Him Completely”


UrbanClap CEO Mistakenly Marks Customer On Email While Telling Employees To “Ignore Him Completely”

There is no doubt that for a businessman, his customer is his God and a businessman should always strive for customer satisfaction. However, a service provider UrbanClap and its CEO behaved in a totally unprofessional manner and ignored a customer who was complaining for a long time now.

CEO Abhiraj Bhal marked an email to his staff and also to the customer by mistake in which he wrote, “Please ignore him completely. Nobody should answer his queries.”

Here’s the email:

The name of the complainant is Rakesh Verma, an employee of OYO rooms, and he has been alleging that the staff of UrbanClap damaged his AC while they were supposed to repair it.

He tweeted with an image,

“Mail that was sent on April 30 asking them to help but they chose to ignore. @urbanclap @abhirajbhal They say I was being very persistent and a pain bt is it ryt on their end to not act on an issue even after 50 days (at the time of writing the mail)? #urbanCrap #ignoreUrbanCrap”

More than 50 days have passed and the matter was unresolved. When Abhiraj saw the email, he asked his employees   to ignore Rakesh and marked that email to Rakesh as well. Rakesh highlighted it and posted on social media with caption,

“Twitter, what are your views on @urbanclap ‘s CEO Abhiraj Bahl asking his employees to ignore a customer when all he did was trying to seek help regarding his AC which wasn’t working well after wet servicing from UrbanClap @EconomicTimes @Forbes @TheQuint”

When the response got viral, Abhiraj apologised for it. He said,

“I must say that it was incorrect for me to have responded this way. That was a mistake and I acknowledge the same.”

However, as far as UrbanClap was concerned, Ahiraj defended it and said that they provided the best service. They also claimed that the AC was checked by their experts and it was not damaged by them. The customer was in no mood to listen despite the fact that UrbanClap was  ready to return the technician charges and also ready to bear half cost of the compressor that has got damaged.

Abhiraj accused Rakesh of pressurising him by calling 8 times while on the other hand, Rakesh said that he is also under pressure as Abhiraj has made a call to the OYO CEO Ritesh Agarwal.

The latest news is that Rakesh’s AC is ready to be replaced by UrbanClap or the company is ready to pay the estimated amount of repair charges.

Rakesh tweeted,

“‘We’re ready to get your AC replaced if required or can pay you for all the charges that’d incur to get the AC repaired’ – Said the @urbanclap officials today. They seem to have realized their mistake and are ready to take responsibility for it along with the steps to correct it.”

Well, it seems UrbanClap learnt its lesson but only after putting themselves in an embarrassing situation. What do you have to say about the entire episode?


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