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This Video Of Deepika Padukone Teaching Vin Diesel Speak In Hindi Is Super Cute ! !

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This Video Of Deepika Padukone Teaching Vin Diesel Speak In Hindi Is Super Cute ! !

When the BEAUTY meets the BEAST, awesomeness is bound to happen. And this is what many fans on Vin Diesel’s Facebook Page experienced when he was live on Facebook with India’s most talented actress Deepika Padukone. The live streaming was broadcasted just after they had dinner.


He spoke about how the world is going to know her once XXX: Return of Xander Cage release. He praised her by saying that she is a wonderful person and he has no words to tell us how happy he is to know that she is in the movie. Deepika was indeed mesmerized by his words and gave him a peck on his cheeks which was really adorable.

However, apart from these adorable moments, there was this cute little moment when Deepika Padukone made Vin Diesel speak in Hindi for the Indians watching the live stream from different parts of the world. And this is what he spoke – ‘ Namasthhhe ! ! Mai Auupp Sabhi Kouu Bauhauuut Pyaaaarrr Kurthhhhha Houuuun ! ! ‘ Watch this cute video

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However, it was indeed not that easy for him to roll down his tongue and speak Hindi in Indian accent which made him look a lot more cuter. He did fumbled at the first attempt, but Deepika made sure to make him speak in the most best possible way. She did explain him later about what his words meant.

At the end, while signing off, people did really like his Hindi which they expressed in the comments. And if you guys still want to see him speak in Hindi, you have got another chance as he will be doing a Hindi press conference soon ! ! So stay tuned with RVCJ to get more updates on him ! !

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