Vijay Mallya Is All To Marry 3rd Time. Here’s All You Want To Know About His Wife Pinky Lalwani

The man who did a big fraud of 9000 crores with India, Vijay Mallya is all set to get married for the 3rd time. Mallya who is currently living in London has not divorced his previous wife and has an unmarried son Siddharth Mallya.


Vijay Mallya will be marrying his long-term girlfriend Pinky Lalwani who is living with him in London ever since he ran from India. Here are some facts about Pinky and her relationship with Mallya that you want to know.

1. Pinky Lalwani and Vijay Mallya met each other in 2011 when she was hired as a flight attendant for Kingfisher Airlines 7 years back.

2. Pinky Lalwani is 38 YO and Vijay Mallya is 62. The age difference between both is 24 years.

3. They celebrated their 3 year relationship anniversary recently.


4. Vijay Mallya and Pinky Lalwani are quite public about their relationship. They have been seen together quite frequently.

5. She and Mallya both have been living in together at their mansion in Hertfordshire, near London.

6. As per recent Business Insider reports, Vijay Mallya is the chairman of a company named Foresight & Vision Limited which has Pinky Lalwani as a shareholder. Pinky is the owner of 1,041 shares in the said company.

7. Vijay Mallya is also the chairman of Pinky’s business in UK. As per its Articles of Association, “It has been a year since she has been a director of the company, having been appointed on 25 May, 2017”.


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