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Viral Video Shows Waiter Asking Poor Kids To Leave From The Restaurant, Twitter Gets Angry


Viral Video Shows Waiter Asking Poor Kids To Leave From The Restaurant, Twitter Gets Angry

The social media platforms have become a very powerful medium to raise voice against anything wrong which is taking place in our society and many times we have seen that it also brings good results.

Once again netizens got active and slammed a restaurant and its chain for mistreating poor kids who came and sat inside its premises. This has once again started the debate whether only those people can sit inside a restaurant who have worn good clothes and are of good status and poor people have no right to visit such restaurants even if they have money to pay for their food.

A Twitter user took to the micro-blogging site and shared a video of an incident which took place in Sbarro outlet. The tweet read, “Don’t know about the place but if these kids have paid for something they should be allowed to sit inside. But the way the waiter is pushing them out and kids looking at each other shows, we see the financial status of person and decide how much respect to give.”

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However, there was a little confusion as to whether these kids ordered something or not. Soon the video went viral after which Twitterati started expressing their opinion in this regard and many slammed the restaurant as well as the waiter for this kind of treatment with the kids. Here are some of the selected reactions:












While many people have reacted on this matter and felt sad for the kids from the bottom of their hearts, the big question is whether these people would be comfortable themselves if poor kids are sitting in restaurants while they are dining. This is one question which we all need to ask ourselves.

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