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‘Voice Of Slum’, NGO Is Giving Voice To Hundreds Of Children, Read Everything About Them


‘Voice Of Slum’, NGO Is Giving Voice To Hundreds Of Children, Read Everything About Them

In this fast-moving life, we are not always aware of our surroundings. We are so wrapped up in our bubble that we fail to notice things around us, happy or sad. Whether it is our deteriorating environment, children suffering, or natural calamities, it is high time now we stop, breathe, and look around on what we are missing.


” Even if you live in a big city like New Delhi or Mumbai or NOIDA, you don’t have to go far to see us. We are near you, all around you, every day when you go to your office or shopping. But we bet you don’t even see us.”

As soon as I opened up their website, their first line hit me up, because, it holds on a bitter truth. This could not be truer. How often we see children begging on the street, or selling balloons and turn a blind eye? At least twice or thrice a day. We fail to see to the struggle and pain of a child who is underprivileged, who might not have had a hot meal or even a meal in days. Who is not aware of what education is, who is not aware of rights. Who is probably under some substance abuse at this tender age. Who we are somehow depriving of childhood.

More about, ‘ Voice Of Slum’
Dev Pratap Singh and Chandni Khan are the founders of NGO, who themselves belonged from the slums, are now fighting for underprivileged children’s rights and education. Their hard work and unbreakable positive attitude have made them achieve great heights.

One thing that they are super proud of is there, ‘Voice Of Slum.’ Voice of Slum reaches out to underprivileged kids and works on mainly three areas with them. Their education, vocational training, and employment. Not only the NGO focuses on educating the kids but also teaches skills to teenagers that will help them survive in this society.

The NGO also runs a school that is currently educating more than 370 kids who have access to trained teachers, books, games, classrooms, and other resources. They also work hard on developing a child in all the aspects and make them aware of their rights too.

These people made a significant impact on society and are working hard day and night so that little children can have access to a better life, have hope and dream! This NGO took a massive step in the direction for progressive India, for the betterment of children’s life. We can do it too!

NGO’s are non-profitable organizations that work on donations. Everything, A-Z comes from donations! But here comes the twist Voice Of Slum is not asking you to donate money. Instead they are asking you to donate educational supplies! The supplies include stationery, food for the mid-day meal, etc.

You can donate by clicking on this link :

You can make a change; we together can make a change for better!

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