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WHO Warns About 7 Lakh People Losing Lives As Fourth Wave Of COVID-19 Hits Europe


WHO Warns About 7 Lakh People Losing Lives As Fourth Wave Of COVID-19 Hits Europe

The situation of the COVID-19 pandemic may have improved considerably in India and few other nations but there are many countries which are once again facing its wrath. Things seem to be quite serious in Europe as the number of people losing lives to COVID-19 may reach 2.2 million in the winter if the present trend continues.

After the COVID-19 positive cases started increasing at a high rate in Europe, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that around 7 lakh people may lose their lives in Europe by the month of March. Many countries have started imposing tough restrictions for stopping the spread of the virus. As per an estimate made by the WHO, 49 out of 53 nations may be facing high or extreme pressure in the intensive care units (ICU) from now onwards and it may continue till 1st March 2022.

As per the data, the average of people losing their lives to COVID-19 in the last week has increased to 4200 daily which is just double of the count (2100/day) which was recorded in September end.

The regional director for WHO Europe, Hans Kluge states that situation is getting challenging in Europe and Central Asia and winters may be very tough for all of us. Hans emphasized on the vaccine plus approach as per which a person should not only get vaccinated but also wear masks while out of house, practice social distancing, avoid crowded places, wash hands and use sanitizer regularly.

Germany is also facing the fourth wave and after the increase in cases, on Tuesday, the Health minister Jens Spahn talked about imposing stricter restrictions which may be done area-wise depending on number of cases recorded in the area. Considering the present situation, the USA has advised its citizens against travelling to Germany. In few areas of Germany such as Saxony and Bavaria, the Christmas markets have been cancelled and the government may take further strict actions if things keep on deteriorating like this.

Though France has not taken any tough step like Germany and Austria till now, it is also facing the fourth wave and the cases are increasing at a very good pace. In fact, Jean Castex, the French Prime Minister, has also caught the infection and he is going in quarantine for next 10 days.

We should follow the safety protocols despite the fact that the things are pretty good in our country.

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