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World Alerts Women Tourists Heading To India- It’s Shame For Our Country


World Alerts Women Tourists Heading To India- It’s Shame For Our Country

The decades old India’s values, tradition, culture and reputation is under threat as there’s a significant number of cancellation of female tourists are reported from all over the world. Not only Indian women are facing one of the toughest challenges regarding the women safety in our country, but the crime has increased enough to cross the boundaries too. Women coming from all the way from different parts of the country are now thinking twice before planning to visit India. The increasing number of rape cases reported by the foreign women tourists has put a black spot on the esteem and eminence of the nation. In a country, where women are compared to Devi, these ignominies are quite unbearable and must be stopped as soon as possible.

The rape cases are reported, especially in all the metro cities in India. Each day there is news of sexual violence and sexual assault against women; the victims are not only the women of India, but from abroad too. As if a rape case report has now become a must to get in the pages of Newspapers. What a shame! The rapists not only snatch away women chastity but also their belongings. They rape them and rob them too.

Apart from Delhi, in the last few years, Jaipur, Kolkata, Meerut; States like Jharkhand and Himachal Pradesh has also reported that there has been a substantial decrease in foreign visits to India due to foreign women tourist rape incidents. There seems an endless list of this inhuman and shameful act ; A polish woman in Delhi, a Swiss tourist in Madhya Pradesh, an Irish Charity worker in Kolkata, a Danish women in Capital city once again, who was gang raped by the railway station vagabonds and the list continues to a German teenager on the train.

These incidents taking place in India one after the other have made countries like Japan, US, Australia, Canada to issue warnings to warnings to female tourists intending to visit India.

Well…the good does exists in the universe, so still the majority of the human beings are with a good intention and benevolent. In travel writer Candace Rardon’s words India is very warmly. She wrote “while travelling in India I did encounter men who stared at me in an improper way, but there were too countless other who have treated me with respect and warmth.”

It’s the responsibility of each and every Indian to make people from other parts of the world say like this. INDIA is worth praise not hatred.

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