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10 Amazing Inventions by Teen in History


10 Amazing Inventions by Teen in History

Read the below amazing inventions by the very young kids. They have invented essentials like earmuffs, Popsicle, trampoline, etc that will surely leave you surprised!

1. The Popsicle

This was invented in the year 1905 by 11-year-old Frank Epperson. It happened by accident but is now eaten throughout the world.


2. The Trampoline

The Trampoline was 1st made by just using materials which 16 years gymnast and his diver George Nissen found from junkyard. This happened in the year 1930, but now trampolining is an Olympic sport.



3. Ear Muffs

Chester Greenwood, 15 from Maine made the 1st ear protectors.chester20only20web20insert_2011_page_1_page_1


4. Braille

Louis Braille in his teen studying days deigned a system by raised dots in specific patterns that could help in reading for blinds.



5. Early Television

Philo T. Farnsworth, 21 transmitted his 1st electronic image with working TV in the year 1921.

6. KidKare Ride-on Car

Spencer created rideable car that had attached IV pole for the sick kids to play safely & also very easily while they take their medicine.



7. Sign Language Translator

Ryan Patterson, 17 in the year 2002 invented a glove that had some special sensors to translate your hand motions of the American Sign Language in the written words on digital display.



8. The Algae Mobile

Param Jaggi, 17 in the year 2011 invented device which used algae to convert the harmful CO2 from the exhaust pipe of automobile in clean oxygen.



9. Screening Technique

Janet Song with his brother Benjamin in the year 2009 developed less invasive ways to detect the early signs of cancer by analyzing their urine.



10. Fire Prevention Devices

Paul Hyman, 17 in the year 2011 invented sensor in the dryers to get detection when the lint is in danger to catch fire.



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