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10 BIG Records That Avengers: Infinity War Broke At The Indian Bxo


10 BIG Records That Avengers: Infinity War Broke At The Indian Bxo

Avengers: Infinity War has not only met expectations but has exceeded them. Everyone is loving this Marvel movie because it is HUGE in numbers. It has broken many records on the opening day itself. In fact, after seeing the numbers, we couldn’t believe that even Hollywood movies are getting such an excellent response in India. It has left behind many big Bollywood movies.

It has been 6 days since it release and has already shattered many records. Well, the list is definitely a long one, but today, we are here with the best of them.

1) Got the highest opening of 2018 (Indian Box Office) with 31.30 crores.

2) Padmaavat had the highest occupancy in India (2018); Avengers: Infinity War surpassed it and got an occupancy of 95 percent.

3) Got the highest opening for Hollywood movie. Earlier, this record was held by Fast and Furious 7, which earned 12.30 crores, but now with 31.30 crores, Avengers: Infinity War broke it.

4) Jungle Book had got the highest weekend in India i.e. 40.47 crores, but Avengers: Infinity War broke it by earning more than double its amount i.e. 94.30 crores.

5) It has also got the 10th place in the list of highest openers of all time (Indian Box Office).

6) Avengers: Infinity War is the only Hollywood flick which has entered the top 10 list of highest opening movies. This is indeed an achievement.

7) Has the highest opening weekend globally. Yes, Avengers: Infinity War minted $630M worldwide, which is why it has beaten all the movies.

8) Talking about India, Avengers: Infinity War stands on the 2nd position when it comes to highest opening grossers 2018. Sadly, it couldn’t beat Padmaavat, which earned 114 crores on the opening weekend.

9) Highest opening day for a Marvel Movie. Earlier, Avengers: Age of Ultron was at the 1st position with 10.98 crores, but now this movie has beaten it.

10) In 2018, no movie has has had such high collections on Sunday. Avengers: Infinity War collected 32.50 crores. This record was with Padmaavat as it had minted 27 crores.

It’s sure to crush some more records in the coming days, don’t you think so?

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