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10 CID Jokes (Brand New) That Will Make Your Day

10 CID Jokes (Brand New) That Will Make Your Day RVCJ Media

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10 CID Jokes (Brand New) That Will Make Your Day

It has been 18 years since the first episode of this show was premiered. Over the period this show has become famous all over the internet for the CID Jokes. The crime detective series is known for its characters like ACP Pradyuman, Abhijeet, Daya, Dr. Salunkhe who overcome each and every challenge put in front of them. In every episode, the team gets successful in their task by tracking criminals, led by the smallest of clues. They risk their lives, hell they even cheat death in the line of duty. ACP Pradyuman and his team of officers use Dr. Salunkhe and Dr. Tarika’s help and solve various cases.

So here are the 10 CID Jokes That Will Make Your Day Enjoy!

1. Whenever they don’t have a case in hands, this is how the CID team practice and prepare themselves to fight crimes.


2. ACP Pradyuman has a history of not properly digesting certain foods and facts. But the Bengali Baba’s CHURAN works like a charm. Hell even Freddie smells the magic!


3. Poor Old Chap. Ek toh 24/7 duty aur biwi ghar pe nahi! Bas Maggie aur Porn ka sahara tha KAMINO WOH BHI CHEEN LIYA! Well ACP you can smile now, the Govt. has lifted the ban.


4. Seriously Sherlock Holmes would stab his own eyes after observing the brilliance of ACP Pradyuman.


5. One of these days ACP would get Daya killed. One doesn’t simply break open a door unless his name is Dayanand Shetty.


6. There you have it ladies and gentlemen. The A-Z of how to be a perfect detective. DCP Chitrole is fast, witty, and literally invisible, right?


7. DAMMIT Set Max! You have a huge library of movies and you choose Sooryavansham most of the times to spoil the weekend. ACP isse achcha CID ke purane episodes hi dek le!


8. Dear viewer, I present to you the fight of the century! Yeh action toh south ko bhi peeche chod de LOL


9. Shayad kuch jyada hi ho gaya…

cid81 cid82 cid83 cid84 cid85 cid86 cid87 cid88

10. You had just one job, and you messed up! ACP Pradyuman likes his tea strong with sugar, and drinks with JUST-ICE!

CID101 CID102 CID103



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