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10 Countries Where You Can Find The Most Beautiful Women Of The World


10 Countries Where You Can Find The Most Beautiful Women Of The World

We often get to hear that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder or real beauty is the inner beauty of a person but whether we agree or not, our eyes are attracted towards beautiful human beings or things. In this article, we have listed down ten countries where you’ll find the most beautiful women of the world:

10. Phillipines

Despite the fact that they are famous all across the globe for their loving nature and positive attitude, the most beautiful fact about the ladies of this country is that they have won the titles of “Big Four International Beauty Pageants” maximum time in comparison to other countries.

9. Britain

The blend of different cultures has resulted in making British women more beautiful by giving them various skin qualities and appearances.

8. USA/Canada

The women of America and Canada are not only beautiful, fun-loving and independent but also well-versed in taking care of themselves.

7. Netherlands

The women of Netherlands have an average height of 5’7” and blonde hair make their beauty more special.

6. Italy

Who can have a better sense of fashion, make-up and style more than Italian women? Well, it is something which makes them irresistible.

5. Venezuela

They are tall, slim and beautiful and hence, there is no wonder that the girls from this country make it to the top contestants in beauty contests.

4. Turkey

The ladies of Turkey are photogenic, stylish and glamorous! They care for themselves in the same way as queens used to take care of themselves.

3. Russia


The Russian women are famous for their beauty in the whole world. They possess features of west and east both which makes them more desirable.

2. Ukraine

The women in Ukraine are slightly more beautiful in comparison to Russian women, don’t you agree?

1. Brazil

The Brazilian women have great interest in their traditions and their beauty is showcased in the festivals which are celebrated in their country.


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