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10 Of The Most Haunted Bridges In The World

10 Of The Most Haunted Bridges In The World RVCJ Media


10 Of The Most Haunted Bridges In The World

Looking for something terrifying and adventurous to do? Why don’t you try trekking through these bridges in the world which are the most haunted one’s in the history. Here we brought a post which would explore some of the most haunted bridges in the world.

1. Sachs Covered Bridge, Pennsylvania

It is said that this bridge is haunted by ghosts of three confederate deserters, who were allegedly killed and hanged from the bridge. Previously, Sachs bridge was used by the union and confederate armies during and after the battle of Gettysburg in Civil war.



2. Governor’s Bridge Road, Bowie, Maryland

This bridge is haunted since 1930, by a women who killed her new born baby. According to sources, this unmarried women brutally killed the baby as she was scared about what family members would think about the child.



3. Airtight Bridge, Illinois

In 1980, the dismembered body of a woman was found here, but this murder case remains unsolved since years. However, even today people would feel her appearance and they would be touched by some invisible forces. Many people heard a sound of girl screaming and crying loudly.



4. Clinton Road Bridge, New Jersey

The story says that a young boy drowned near the bridge, and he is still very much active in the area. People who have tried to throw coins into the water, got them back as if someone is trying to throw back the coin. Or sometimes, all the coins would be places in the middle of the road.



5. Colville Covered Bridge, Bourbon County, Kentucky

People travelling over the bridge say that they can see a light shining from under the bridge and could also hear sounds of an old lady coughing and crying for help.



6. Hell’s Bridge, Michigan

The story dates back to 1800s, where several children went missing while rest children had gone with Friske to search and friske turned out to be the murderer who slaughtered these children and duped their bodies here. It is believes, this place his haunted by all those little kids slaughtered here.



7. Danville Bridge, Indiana

According to various sources it was revealed that a construction worker named Dad Jones fell into wet cement while building the bridge which encased him into the bridge’s structure. People walking through this bridge have heard screams for help and the sound of a hammer banging on the bridge.



8. Brooklyn Bridge, New York

During the bridge’s construction, 27 workers were killed, many falling to their deaths as they worked on the higher portions of the bridge, people report hearing screams for help coming from the water below, only to see no one when they check.



9. Egypt Road Bridge, Salem, Ohio

Utility workers who are working near bridge have claimed to some the baby’s cries for help, and also the ghost of the old women can be seen who keeps wandering around the area.

Cry Baby Bridge, Egypt Rd. Salem, Ohio


10. The Bunnyman Bridge, Virginia

Sources says, there was a man wearing some bunny costume and holding a long-handled axe who began chopping at the porch, complaining about trespassers.



So, will you dare to explore these places?

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