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10 Reasons To Drink With Your Best Friend


10 Reasons To Drink With Your Best Friend

Best friend is the person with whom you can share your joy and punk out the worst in you. Drinking has its own joy, but having a drink with your best friend calls for more of craziness and fun. It is always good to drink with your best friend rather than drinking with your boy or girlfriends. Let’s check out few reasons to drink with your best friend –

1. You can be crazy enough to express your thought and enjoy the moment with your best friend. 
giphy (5)

2. You can gossip about the crazy facts and relationship status about your rest fellow friends.

giphy (2)

3. When you have your best friend besides you, you don’t need to worry about the rest.giphy (1)

4. You don’t care whether it’s a real cool restaurants or a Dhabba to enjoy and chill out with your best jewel.


5. You know what is the best brand for your friend and you can even judge the exact moment when your friend is about to vomit.

giphy (8)

6. You don’t need to worry about your worst condition when you are with your best friend; you can hang on till it gets worst.

giphy (4)

7. You have someone to catch those crazy moment so that you can cherish your friendship for lifelong.


8. You don’t need to worry about returning back to home, you know he will leave you back home safe and at best.

giphy (7)

9. He is the only person who will bring that lemonade for you.giphy

10. He is the person who can convince your parents and relatives that you were stuck in a traffic.

giphy (6)

11. When you both have lost your control, you can prank other people.

giphy (3)

12. No matter how much you have drunk, you always want to be cheered with “chal aur ek hojaae”



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