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10 Short Horror Movies To Keep You Up The Whole Night


10 Short Horror Movies To Keep You Up The Whole Night

Horror movies are not my taste because I just cannot survive 3 hours of scarring. I’m usually the first one to cry, scream or leave. But this does not mean that I do not like the thrill that comes with the movies. So I found a hack and came across short horror movies. They have so intense build up from the start that you won’t know what hit you. You will search for more and of course check under your bed before going off to sleep. Here is a list of 10 best short horror movies.

1. 2AM- The Smiling Man

Who does not like a cool relaxing walk in the night. Until…

2. Bedfellows

This movie shows why we don’t like mid-night callers, besides disturbing our sleep there can be much more to it.

3. Lights Out

I never turn when I switch off the lights in an empty house. This movie gives out reason why shouldn’t either.

4. The Little Witch

Monsters are not always “beneath the bed”.

5. The Black Hole

There is nothing as too much good. Be careful what you wish for.

6. Behind The Door

You shouldn’t trust your ears always, is it really your loved calling? Confirm and go.

7. Peekers

Old people and children are creepy. Don’t you agree?

8. The Passing

There is a missing child involved and a mysterious woman. Do you want to take a chance?

9. The Whistler

My advice? Run when you hear something creepy.

10. Doppelganger

Never trust something in the first glance.

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