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10 Things You Should Not Share With Your Better Half


10 Things You Should Not Share With Your Better Half

What makes a husband-wife relationship perfect? Well, to answer this question one has to do thorough research because one rule doesn’t reply on all. But there is one thing common in every possible rule which exists between a husband and a wife, that you should never be totally honest with the other. Yes, it might sound weird because everyone taught us that honesty is the base of any relationship, but do you know that being too honest might end your relationship. So at times, you have to hide some truth from your spouse to avoid heartbreak and it is totally ethical.

So here is the list of things you should never, I repeat never, tell your better half:

1. Do not tell him that your parents forced you to marry him/her

No matter how you ended up marrying him/her, they don’t need to know. The only thing that matters now is that you both are together and you have to spend all your life together so make it a happy one.

2. Do not let them know that you don’t love him/her anymore

With time, love usually fades away. With kids and family around you stop showing your love to each other as you grow old, but that doesn’t mean you fell out of love, it is still there. Try to find it, try to fire up the spark again. Telling the other that you don’t love them anymore will only make things worse.

3. That he/she doesn’t excite you anymore

After a long hectic day, when you return home, your kids are running around shouting and your wife is already exhausted taking care of your little monsters, nothing will excite you at that time. It’s not the person, but the circumstances that are unexciting. Don’t blame it on your spouse.

4. Don’t tell them that you have a crush on someone else or have feelings for someone

Yes, having a crush on someone is normal, we all have it. But that doesn’t mean you tell that to your partner and make them insecure. No matter how much you like someone, don’t forget that you love your spouse and you are married. Cheating him/her is the worst thing that you could ever do to anyone.

5. About all the one night stands and other crazy stuff you did during your college days

You had a crazy life, you got high on weeds, made out with your best friend and slept with your Bf’s boyfriend. Your spouse doesn’t need to know all this. He/she might start questioning their decision about you.

6. That your ex was better in bed than him/her

Comparing your spouse with your ex is a very bad thing. There is a reason your ex is your ex and not your spouse. And telling your man that he is not good in bed as much as your ex will hurt his ego and he might end up hurting you. So better be happy with what you have or try to figure out what is the problem and sort it out together.

7. Do not tell details about your past sex encounters

You might share these things thinking about the comfort zone between you, but this part of your life will affect your future in some way or the other.

8. Do not criticize him/her for every little thing

“You are not good in this”, “you can not do even this small thing”, “your mother didn’t even teach you this?” avoid these sentences. You are demoralizing your life partner by criticizing him/her for every little thing. Remember, you were supposed to push them ahead not pull them down.

9. Do not use “divorce” word during any of your fights or heated arguments

Divorce should be the very last option if you have tried all the other ones. Don’t use this word every now and then. It will hurt the other and there will come a time when this word won’t scare them anymore.

10. Do not compare your spouse to anyone

Don’t ever compare your partner with anyone, not even to her sister or her best friend. This hurts a lot. If you keep comparing them with others they will get inferiority complex and lose their confidence.

So be happy with whatever you have got and there are things which can help you rebuilt your relationship and hurting the other in any way is not one of them.

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