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10 Unknown Facts About Indian Currency That Every Indian Should Know


10 Unknown Facts About Indian Currency That Every Indian Should Know

What you know about Indian Rupee? Each nation traces their currency by an exact name, plus we identify our coins as Rupee. Do you recognize that Rupee word instigates from Sanskrit “rupyakam” which means silver coin. So, today in this write –up I am telling you some unknown information about the Indian Rupee.

Top 9 Unknown Facts About the Indian Rupee:

1.Sher Shah Suri initiates the first rupee. The main paper note was prepared by Bank of Hindustan.


2. 75, 1000, 100, rupees coin were first prepared in 2010.


3.The rate (quantity) of a banknote is printed on the banknote in Hindi moreover English in the front side moreover in 15 different Indian languages in the reverse of the note.


4.In 1964 aluminium coins were first launch for up to 20 paisa. Stainless steel coins (10, 25, and 50) were foremost introduced in 1988.


5.Scheduled on July 15th 2010 Indian Rupee gets its personal Official Rupee Symbol.


6.The economics ministry has freshly launched the 1 rupee note over again.


7.Our Indian currency have Braille signs to help the visually challenged, which gives hope to the blind –identify currency note. There were identification mark’s on the left side of banknote, which have different shapes for 1000, 500, 100, 50, 20 and 10 as Diamond, Triangle, Circle, Rectangle, Square and nobody respectively.


8.500 rupees note was initiates in 1987 plus 1000 rupee note was launch in 2000.


9.However we all recognize that Rs.1000/- is major or main value of today, but before independence the 10,000 moreover 5000 rupees currency notes also existed.


10. In 1947 1 Dollar was equivalent to 1 INR & then because of our culprit politicians Indian rupee started depreciating. Till 1980, Rupee was pretty strong and 1 Dollar = Rs 7 but when Indira Gandhi came into power rupee went onto Rs 17.50 in 1990 & Rs 32 in 1995. Everyone know the current situation of Indian rupee.



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