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11 Health Myths Which Aren’t True

11 Health Myths Which Aren't True RVCJ Media


11 Health Myths Which Aren’t True

1. Cracking Of Knuckles Causes Arthritis

The noise is just because of the movement or the displacement of air in the joint and it doesn’t have a relation with Arthritis.

2. Deodorant Causes Cancer

Especially Breast Cancer in women, which isn’t true anyway, as a study in 2002 says that there’s no relation between these two.


3. If You Swallow Chewing Gum, It Will Take 6-7 Years To Digest

It generally happens when we are kids Dr. Richard Desi rules out the misconception in clear words, saying that “This is merely a myth. As the gum is indigestible, and if any indigestible substance that is consumed, it will simply pass through the gastrointestinal tract and be evacuated.”


This one could be true considering brown bread gets it’s color from being whole wheat or whole grain but if brown bread doesn’t specify it is whole grain then it means it has same ingredients as of white bread. So better check the ingredients before considering brown bread better than white.


5. Carbohydrates Are Helpful In Weight Gain

Experts say there’s no relation of fattening with carbohydrates, they just provide energy which is very essential for the body.

6. Getting Out With Wet Hair Will Make You Sick

There is no relation between wet hair and feeling sick as flu and cold are caused by viruses not by low temperatures.

7. Covering Head Makes You Warmer

It is very commonly believed that most of the heat is lost through the head which is incorrect. A research states that a person loses 7-10 percent of the body’s heat through the head.


8. Alcohol Warms You Up

Drinking alcohol doesn’t warm you up actually it reduces your body’s temperature by making the veins pump warmer blood closer to the skin.

9. Fresh Vegetables Are Better Than The Frozen Ones

Well! Many studies concluded that frozen fruits and vegetables can be nutritious as the fresh ones are. A frozen fruit or a vegetable is immediately processed and is set to freeze hence regulating the loss of nutrients due to transportation which is a main factor of consideration.

10. Cholesterol In Eggs Is Bad For Heart

Earlier in 1960 it was found that the cholesterol isn’t very good for the heart, but later on studies depicted a new result which rules out this thing.

11. A Lot Of Protein Is Good For You

Excessive protein in food can be dangerous as it may put a burden on the liver and the kidneys.

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