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11 Posters Which Will Bring Back Your School Memories..!!


11 Posters Which Will Bring Back Your School Memories..!!

We all know that School Life is the Best Life. Sometimes we keep Smiling thinking about our School Memories. These include all those naughty things which we do to escape Teacher, Homework and many other things. Some silly punishments Like Wall Chair, Standing infront or out of the classroom and shying to sit beside a girl/boy. This list also includes all those Unreal Excuses for applying leave, coming late to the class and half day permissions.

Apart from all these , there are some Famous Dialogues from Teachers which they will keep on yelling in Every Class.

Here Presenting the 7 Famous Teacher Dialogues Posters Designed my School Finder .

Sit back and Recall your School Memories.


11182024_502985586515371_1229232037763780438_nHere comes the First and Famous one, All of my Teachers used to say this. What about your Teachers?



11188318_502985636515366_5672181751685254207_nThis is Second thing Teachers use to Control the Class eventhough the Principal is not in the Surroundings.


11150638_502985569848706_5032478287496669512_nThis has to be the Best Dialogue in any Class. “Why are you Shouting like Fish Market?” . Only After this I came to know Fish Markets are always Noisy. 😛 😛



11174776_502985676515362_5413560052795842132_nIf you keep on Talking in the class then this will be the next Dialogue from every Teacher.


11102740_502985589848704_2829629435396679230_n“Talk Loudly You didn’t had you Breakfast?” . Trust me I have heard it a Million Times in my Entire Life.



11048708_502985559848707_7572565346432989140_nHow about this ? During every Question Hour Session this is a Must Dialogue.



And Finally “Be Ready, There will be a Suprise Test” and this is Followed by a Loud Sigh Reliefs by all the Students.

Now Presenting you the Difference between the Education Systems in India and other Parts of the World.


10404358_512195872261009_8631568959968109708_nIndians : Engineer and Doctor.

Others: Other than the Engineer and Doctor.


10847841_512195912261005_4259770948684338964_nIn India we Carry Loads of Luggage to the School and others do Exactly opposite to Indians.


11039097_512195975594332_2822069781404436286_nIn India we find People of Different Languages in same class and Outside India we find Blacks and White at same Place.



I Strongly Feel this Indian Pattern Should Match with others.

What do You Feel about the above Posters? Share your Views in the Comment Section Below.

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