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11-Yr Girl Delivered Baby After 6 Men Raped Her For 9 Months. What’s Happening?

11-Yr Girl Delivered Baby After 6 Men Raped Her For 9 Months. What’s Happening? RVCJ Media


11-Yr Girl Delivered Baby After 6 Men Raped Her For 9 Months. What’s Happening?

The Indian society really needs to introspect itself thoroughly in order to find out how those who were born as humans are turning into devils.

Devil is definitely the word that should be used for those men who raped an 11 years old girl. The shameful incident took place in Rajkot where six men allegedly raped the minor girl and as a result, she got pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl.

11-Yr Girl Delivered Baby After 6 Men Raped Her For 9 Months. What’s Happening? RVCJ Media

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As per The Indian Express, the minor girl was admitted in Rasulkhanji Zanana Government Hospital after a complaint was filed by the girl’s mother on March 13 at Bhaktinagar police station. When the girl was admitted in the hospital, the doctors found that she was almost eight and a half months pregnant and as she went into labour, doctors performed a caesarean to keep both the mother and baby safe. The condition of both of them is said to stable but the baby girl has born with a congenital defect because of which she has no control on her lower limbs.

The medical superintendent of PDU General Hospital, Dr. Manish Mehta, said,

“The patient went into labour in natural course today. Given her age, doctors had decided that they would help the patient deliver her baby through cesarean section. Therefore, doctors performed the surgery and the patient delivered a baby girl at 2 pm today.”

The doctors of the hospital told,

“The baby has Spina bifida, a condition in which the lower portion of the spinal cord of a baby is not properly developed and, therefore, the newborn doesn’t have proper control over its lower limbs. Both legs of the baby girl are paralysed and she is in a critical condition. Presently, the newborn has been admitted to KT Sheth Government Children’s hospital on civil hospital campus. However, she will be referred to Ahmedabad for further treatment.”

The family of the minor girl doesn’t want to keep the baby as the rape survivour’s grandmother said,

“We don’t want the baby because my granddaughter is a child. If we accept the child, it will ruin my granddaughter’s life. What have we done to deserve this fate?”

She further said,

“My granddaughter used to stay with me all the time as my house is just a five-minute walk from hers. My son-in-law is mentally ill, my daughter works as a domestic help and runs the family.”

Two constables Sona Ranjit and Sejal Parmar are taking care of the baby girl since she is born and this is what Sona Ranjit told,

“We were told by the victim’s family that they do not want to keep the baby, even for a single day. So I guess she will be taken to an orphanage. But we are doing whatever we can because I think from the time she was born, there’s been a bond with her. We call her Devi, we hope she lives.”

The police has taken 6 men into custody including a minor who has been sent to observation home, the accused are Manji Javiya (67), Aravind Kubavat (52), Vijanand Maiyad (47), Vipul Chavda (40), Govind Sakariya (60) and a 17-yr boy. Out of the five, Vijanand is a visually impaired person.

The initial investigation reveals that the accused used to call the girl at their homes on the pretext of domestic work and they have been raping her for the last 8-9 months.

Police will be conducting DNA tests and other investigations soon as police inspector Prabhudas Sapta said,

“The victim has delivered a baby girl today and we shall conduct further investigation now to ascertain who fathered the illegal child.”

Maximum and toughest punishment is what we demand for all the accused irrespective of their age and physical conditions. What do you say?

Source: IndianExpress

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